Friday Video: Television is a Drug

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This video is a little intense! A little too loud! But it speaks wonders of how we live our lives these days. What if your television could talk? This is what the author thinks it would say. I kind of agree. And I could also relate this to our smartphones, tablets and so on. Now, […]


Givology is a P2P online giving marketplace, directly connecting donors to students and grassroots projects around the world. Give to learn. Learn to give. I have had the chance to meet most of the Givology people in New York. They work hard and smart to really connect the people who want to help and the […]


We love the website Big Think! And although we don’t always agree with what they say, we can always agree that what they say is very interesting. The piece that I want to talk about today is something we do agree with: both parents taking care of stuff at home with the children is, according […]


Starting any documentary is always chaotic and confusing. Even if you have the story well set in your mind, almost nothing depends on you, and it can be a little anxiety provoking. In my case The Perfection of Giving was no different. When I learned about the 108 Lives Project, I was not even looking […]

The Homeless Brazilian Poet Finds Kindness – “The Conditioned”

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This short documentary has been seen by over 4 million people. It was chosen as a “Vimeo Staff Pick”. It’s a Facebook Story; the best Facebook Story, if you ask me. It is very emotional and inspiring to watch. In 4 minutes it will take you on a little bit of a roller coaster ride. […]

“I Am” – Documentary Recommendation


“I am” is one of the most honest documentaries that I have seen in the last year. It is a first person account by Hollywood director┬áTom Shadyac, as he questions everything he has and doesn’t have in life, and takes on the mission of traveling the world searching for answers and the true meaning of […]


The whole documentary The Perfection of Giving, profiles a young organization 108 Lives Project, founded in New York City, by Hector Marcel and a group of his students at the Three Jewels Buddhist center in the East Village. It has then expanded into Australia and Argentina. The goal of the organization was to find a […]


Computers and technology is second nature to millennial. But not so for older people! “Sean Butler, a 16-year-old sophomore, initiated the program two years ago, offering to share his tech knowledge in 45-minute, one-on-one mentoring sessions with members of the nearby Carmel Foundation,” A completely selfless act of generosity from the young to the not […]