If people ask us for help or money, sometimes we do help them, but often, if we’re in a hurry, or in a bad mood, or we feel we don’t have enough to share, or we just don’t feel like it, we say “sorry, no” and move on- or worse, we just keep walking without even […]

Quilts for Kids are putting kids through school


Quilts for Kids Nepal have been working to empower women and children from an Indian beggar camp in Kathmandu since 2006. Far from patronising the people they work with, they help the women develop their traditional handicrafts to make them into a product that can hold its own in the Western market. The quilts are […]

A New Perspective

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Sometimes a new look at something can be such a mindblowing experience that it changes how you think about yourself and your place in the world. Overview is a documentary about the experience of seeing the earth as one whole planet on which we all live. For us to be able to build a future […]


The Western educational system sometimes seems to be a long line of tasks and achievable objectives designed to train people to be productive and efficient. But though traditional subjects are important to help a person find a space in the world, perhaps we should pause the long line of tasks and think about what we […]