Giving to Others

Giving to Others

Some say the best thing we can do with our lives is reach out and connect to others; nothing quite compares to the feeling of satisfaction and pride that comes from making someone else happy. Yet sometimes we get swept away by our daily routine and all the tasks we need to complete. Sometimes we need a small […]

Raising Funds for Clean Water


Looking for something to do to help others? Why not raise money for clean water? Charity Water is a nonprofit which is dedicated to getting drinking water to where it is needed most. Right now, nearly a billion people around the world lack access to clean water. Women and children are most often charged with the task […]


An online course is teaching people compassion and kindness, challenging them to help. From teaching girls to protect themselves from assault to getting homeless people reunited with their families, a wave of students is taking up the challenge to make things better. With 260.000 students so far, this social psychology course may be the most popular course in […]


If people ask us for help or money, sometimes we do help them, but often, if we’re in a hurry, or in a bad mood, or we feel we don’t have enough to share, or we just don’t feel like it, we say “sorry, no” and move on- or worse, we just keep walking without even […]

A New Perspective

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Sometimes a new look at something can be such a mindblowing experience that it changes how you think about yourself and your place in the world. Overview is a documentary about the experience of seeing the earth as one whole planet on which we all live. For us to be able to build a future […]


The Western educational system sometimes seems to be a long line of tasks and achievable objectives designed to train people to be productive and efficient. But though traditional subjects are important to help a person find a space in the world, perhaps we should pause the long line of tasks and think about what we […]

Friday Video: Television is a Drug

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This video is a little intense! A little too loud! But it speaks wonders of how we live our lives these days. What if your television could talk? This is what the author thinks it would say. I kind of agree. And I could also relate this to our smartphones, tablets and so on. Now, […]


Givology is a P2P online giving marketplace, directly connecting donors to students and grassroots projects around the world. Give to learn. Learn to give. I have had the chance to meet most of the Givology people in New York. They work hard and smart to really connect the people who want to help and the […]


We love the website Big Think! And although we don’t always agree with what they say, we can always agree that what they say is very interesting. The piece that I want to talk about today is something we do agree with: both parents taking care of stuff at home with the children is, according […]


Starting any documentary is always chaotic and confusing. Even if you have the story well set in your mind, almost nothing depends on you, and it can be a little anxiety provoking. In my case The Perfection of Giving was no different. When I learned about the 108 Lives Project, I was not even looking […]