The Homeless Brazilian Poet Finds Kindness – “The Conditioned”

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This short documentary has been seen by over 4 million people. It was chosen as a “Vimeo Staff Pick”. It’s a Facebook Story; the best Facebook Story, if you ask me. It is very emotional and inspiring to watch. In 4 minutes it will take you on a little bit of a roller coaster ride. […]

“I Am” – Documentary Recommendation


“I am” is one of the most honest documentaries that I have seen in the last year. It is a first person account by Hollywood director Tom Shadyac, as he questions everything he has and doesn’t have in life, and takes on the mission of traveling the world searching for answers and the true meaning of […]


The whole documentary The Perfection of Giving, profiles a young organization 108 Lives Project, founded in New York City, by Hector Marcel and a group of his students at the Three Jewels Buddhist center in the East Village. It has then expanded into Australia and Argentina. The goal of the organization was to find a […]


Computers and technology is second nature to millennial. But not so for older people! “Sean Butler, a 16-year-old sophomore, initiated the program two years ago, offering to share his tech knowledge in 45-minute, one-on-one mentoring sessions with members of the nearby Carmel Foundation,” A completely selfless act of generosity from the young to the not […]

One Quilt, One Child, One Year in School


Teaming up with Quilt For Kids Nepal, we have been working hard and have sold over 70 quilts, that will put many kids through school for several years! Produced by Javier Perez-Karam Edited by Miah Artola – Additional Footage: Alexis Neophytides

The Beggar That Inspired a Movement

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The 108 lives Project started in the spark of a moment, by a man that is still a mystery, and the organization have not been able to locate again. Hector Marcel tells us the story. Produced by Javier Perez-Karam Edited by Miah Artola – Nepal Footage: Alexis Neophytides

The Video that started this beautiful project!

The Video that started this beautiful project!

This is one of the first videos that inspired this project! Learn more about the cause in and find us on