How are we using the money You contribute to The Perfection Of Giving

Since we are being financed by your kindness and our own pockets, we have decided to be completely transparent about the way the money is used in The Perfection Of Giving.

There are two things that are important to remember before we go into details.

1. The documentary is a project meant to turn a profit, but turning a profit it’s not our goal. That is why we are giving the whole series away for anyone to watch and share online.

2. The documentary is produced by Javier’s (the director) production company Green Carrot LLC. Green Carrot has been investing its resources, and Javier and others their labor, and it would be great to keep working on it but to do so, we need to pay bills and grow! And that is were you, the audience, come in.

To make the documentary sustainable and keep delivering it, we have created a contribution system and we are setting up a shop to sell photography, also to help finance the documentary.

Much of the project happens overseas (most of the crew is located in New York City). The production expenses include, for the most part: travel, professional honoraries, maintenance of equipment and marketing. Because of the very nature of the project, here is the yearly operation costs for the project.

  • Producer/Director Yearly honoraries $30,000
  • Editor 1 – Yearly Honoraries $30,000
  • Editor 2 – Yearly Honoraries $20,000
  • Camera – Yearly Honoraries $20,000
  • Sound – Yearly Honoraries $20,000
  • Webmaster – $10,000
  • Estimate Travel Expenses a year. $20,000 – $40,000 (this include airfare, lodging, food, extra equipement rental and local transportation for the crew)
  • Marketing and PR yearly  $10,000
  • Legal Fees – $5,000

These all amounts to the Grand Total of – $170,000 – $200,000 per year of production.

There are also other expenses that are not fixed yearly and that are harder to project. These include: composers, musicians, graphic artists, writers, public relations, festivals, etc.

If we were to have more contributions and sponsors that what we need to produce the content and the film, then the profit will be divided between Green Carrot LLC (50%) and donations to a charity (50%) that our audience will vote for.

If you have any other question, feel free to email us to