A New Perspective

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Sometimes a new look at something can be such a mindblowing experience that it changes how you think about yourself and your place in the world. Overview is a documentary about the experience of seeing the earth as one whole planet on which we all live. For us to be able to build a future […]


Starting any documentary is always chaotic and confusing. Even if you have the story well set in your mind, almost nothing depends on you, and it can be a little anxiety provoking. In my case The Perfection of Giving was no different. When I learned about the 108 Lives Project, I was not even looking […]

Trailer – The Perfection of Giving

Trailer – The Perfection of Giving

The Perfection of Giving: a documentary feature film about the act of giving, and the practical and philosophical benefits of generosity at an individual and social level. The film follows a group of volunteers as they start their first organization and find happiness through the struggles of thinking about others first.