The Project

In Nepal, in October 2012, I heard a wise man quote “Vince” Lombardi:

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

It blew my mind! It was the truest truth I have ever heard. If we were to translate that into the title of our project, it means that to realize the perfection of giving one most perfectly practice giving. And to know how to perfectly practice something, one most undertand that something quite well.

The Perfection of Giving was born as a small documentary for a new organization called the 108 Lives Project. This small organization have big ambitions.

The 108 Lives Project was created with the intention of helping people all over the world, and while doing so, creating social entreprenurial skills and empower people across continents to do good, for their communities and for communities far away. I was there almost since the beginning, before the project really had any shape, before we had any idea what the 108 Lives really did. While I was documenting all the process, together with Anahita, who actually started the 108 Lives documentary, I started thinking that the ideas the 108 Lives was founded on, were bigger than just that group of people.

While documenting the 108 Lives beta program in Nepal in late 2012, I had the chance to meet very interesting people. Some of them have had a very lasting impact in my world view. From devoted filmmakers on their own documentary path, to very high accomplished monks trained in ancient spiritual traditions. I realized that The Perfection of Giving, as a message, had longer legs than what I first envisioned. Encouraged by my teacher and the founder of 108 Lives Project, Hector Malacaria, the little documentary film became a multimedia platform documentary project, to ignite a lauder dialogue about giving, charity, volunteering and philanthropy, and, hopefully, to inspire people to give much more of their time, efforts, skills, resources and love to others, at a personal level, at a community level, at a political level and at an international level.

So, what is really The Perfection of Giving?

That is the main answer I am looking to find with this experiment: to really understand what GIVING is. What does one give. How does one give.

Does giving benefit the giver? does it benefit the receiver? Does it harm any of them? If so how does it help, benefit or harm?

The answers seem obvious at first, until one starts really looking into it. If the idea is to create the biggest impact in our lives, in others lives and in the world, how do we give perfectly?

Maybe one day I will understand that there was nothing to give in the first place, because nothing belonged to me. It was always ours!


Javier Perez-KaramJavier Perez-Karam
Producer and Director of The Perfection of Giving